Here is a book of a modern art theorist and conceptual artist  Misko Suvakovic “Architecture and Ideology”

Some definitions to attract your attention:

“Ideology is a ‘Representation’ of the Imaginary Relationship of Individuals to their Real Conditions of Existence.”

“The role of ideology is not to offer the subject an escape point from her/his reality, but to offer her/him social reality itself as an escape from a real traumatic kernel in the midst of human life.”

“The history of architecture is no longer a history of remembering the architectural works of the past, or a history of the traces of positing architectural works as traces of techno-aesthetic and techno-artistic ideas. The history of architecture then becomes a critical history of the social relations of production, exchange, and consumption of ‘architectural products’ in their singular situatedness via politics and presentedness via ideology. In other words, paradoxically, architecture is something other than that which appears as direct affective experience before the body and the eye. That other must be explored.”

The rest of the text is here: