The Bartlett School of Architecture: Hampstead Road

“Created by ScanLAB, this dramatic three minute film documents the building transformation of 140 Hampstead Road in the run up to the opening of The Bartlett Summer Show 2015. ScanLAB scanned the Hampstead Road building two years ago when it was vacant and have followed its journey from being empty to being occupied, including the show spaces themselves.”

The Bartlett School of Architecture: Hampstead Road Pop-Up 2014-2016 from Bartlett School of Architecture on Vimeo.


Interview with CJ Lim at the Bartlett


Can you describe the ideology of your school (in five sentences?)?

The Bartlett is very much research orientated. We have many part time teachers who work four to five days a week at an office. About 1/3 of the staff is half-time and full-time academic. This brings in a sense of reality in to the academic world. So we give the students a kind of balance between the theoretical academic world and real life practice.

Diversity is very important to us, we want to have a very diverse international outlook, community, teaching faculty and student body. Because that is the thing that makes the school successful. Every single student brings his own cultural background, interest and stories from where they come from. We try our very best to diversify.

How does your work at Studio 8 influence your teaching and vice versa in terms of ideology and methods?

My work at Studio 8 which is research that is based in intellectual thinking has influenced the agenda in the unit at the Bartlett. Continue reading “Interview with CJ Lim at the Bartlett”

Interview with CJ Lim at the Bartlett