Where schools are equipped with laboratories, shops, and gardens, where dramatizations,
plays, and games are freely used, opportunities exist for reproducing situations of life, and for acquiring and applying information and ideas….Ideas are not segregated, they do not form an isolated island. Information is vitalized by its function; by the place it occupies in direction of action.

Dewey J. [2005], Democracy and Education, Stilwek, KS: DigiReads.com Publishing. [Original Work published in 1916]

Studio Staub will focus on the design of new schools of thought, in close collaboration
with institutions and individuals working on the ongoing research project with the same name, short “NeST”.

The semester will be composed by three highlights:

Designing a new School of Thought
This studio will have double character. It will be a research and design studio with the main goal to design a new school of thought within the realm of the architectural discipline. We will first develop a digital archive which will serve as a basis for the formulation of a manifesto for the students’ very own new school of thought, taking a position on the current architectural scene/milieu and the contemporary system of architectural education. We will speculate on what and how to learn, while simultaneously conceive, imagine and design spaces that emerge from your manifesto and your ideological conception of knowledge production. By proposing spatial and syntactic structures, the projects will manifest different forms of learning processes and mediation. Within the semester a series of intensive group discussions will be held supported by special guests and specialists on the issue of architectural education. The studio will also take into consideration the work produced by students at the Institute for Art and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna during the winter term 2015.

Design Seminar: London
During our Design Seminar we will travel to London to experience new forms of
architectural mediation as well as meeting and working with our research
partners at the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) among other
institutions. See the Design Seminar description for more information.

La Biennale di Venezia
The student’s work will be included in a publication, event and performance part
of the Salon Suisse 2016 on the opening day of the 15th International Architecture
Exhibition, La Biennale, in Venice.