[SPACE] SUSCEPTIBILITIES ON THE BENCH, House of Hansen in Szumin, Poland

The visitor senses different scales and he/she is conscious about that. The moment  of change is radical or sometimes unpredictable.

Look there, you see the horizon, field, sand, blue sky. This is the macro scale. And now turn and look at the house. What do you see? The wall with white line and the bench. You do not see the doors, just the wall and bench. Let’s sit on it. In this moment you changed the scale from the macro to mezzo. You are in the village, in Szumin, you can sit here and observe people coming back from the field. When you sit on this bench it means you became the part of this world- this bench pose as social instrument. […] They serve as a meeting point. […] And now look rightwards. Your attention attracts the white line painted on the wall. Follow it. Now you can see the doors head to inside. In few minutes you cross the next border. You change the scale of your presence.”1

The house of Oskar and Zofia Hansen comprises an undeniably good example of architecture respecting the context, build environment and natural landscape, where is situated. Through the small architectural movements, valuable ornament, design influence and the human being incorporation into the project architects achieved the successful concept of open form in the private house structure. Every summer Oskar Hansen was inviting there several students and was giving them new task. One of the exemplary work was to compose the table structure by different wooden boards painted white and grey to sense the stability and reasonableness.

1Il.1. House of Oskar and Zofia Hansen. Interior. Source: http://www.polska.pl/kultura-i-sztuka/architektura-i-design/dom-hansenow-w-szuminie-na-liscie-iconic-houses-network/

2Il.2. House of Oskar and Zofia Hansen. Source: http://www.polska.pl/kultura-i-sztuka/architektura-i-design/dom-hansenow-w-szuminie-na-liscie-iconic-houses-network/

1 | Springer F., “Zaczyn. O Oskarze i Zofii Hansenach”, p.168, translated from polish by Paulina Frankowska

[SPACE] SUSCEPTIBILITIES ON THE BENCH, House of Hansen in Szumin, Poland

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