Discussion_Thursday 03/03/2016



How do we use these words?


Basic topics:


Bullet points:
– architectural education as a survival – focus on the necessary only
– interdisciplinary cooperation
– art involvment
– hands-on approach
– is a computer only a new pencil or does it provide new points of view?
– what are the benefits of technology?
– how do we interact with technology?
– learning by doing
– importance of changing a point of view
– being closer to things by experiencing them first hand, not mediated by someone/something third
– how do you read world through technology?
– what is technology?; not only electrically-powered appliances; building technology is a technology
– who designs, me or the computer?
– missuse of technology by architecture, use of technology intended for something else
– what is a research?
– how do you research? internet?
– self-referencing loop (websites, magazines)
– references outside of architecture
– architect as a service provider or a strong author?
– can you be objective/scientific?
– is one semester enough for a project? what about five years?
– should we stop lookin at references?
– should we work only with representations or rather in 1:1 scale?
– school as a bubble v. school interconnected with practices
– vacuum between the end of school and actual work
– does our education prepare us for life?
– what could a school be? can I start my own practice there?
– perceiving space through dancing
– fantasy world as a common ground
– context – mountains v. flat land
– curriculum-based eduction v. more free structure
– how does the actual building where architecture is taught influence what and how it is taught?
– where do you want to be taught?
– unit system – highly competitive
– AA – if you don’t get students, you don’t teach
– hierarchy at AA is flat
– urge to have public interventions
– lectures for public
– type of school like AA needs international student body and cosmopolitan environment
– extravagance and fun is an important part of learning
– the space at AA is domestic, unit spaces are really small
– look at our studio, it’s a disaster, it’s clinical
– how are you willing to pay for school?
– if you pay so much, are you willing to experiment?
– last architect on the cover of the Time magazine was Phillip Johnson in 1979
– architect no more as a thinker, only executor
– architecture is usually reactionary
– what is the current state of economics and politics?
– who finances the school and why?
– school in monarch/totalitarian system/democracy
– director/chairman/president
– does architecture need to be alway political?
– Swiss ultimate form of direct democracy
– how to make people understand architects?
– what else can architecture school be?
– 20,000 students, 40,000 accomodation units
– can you start your practice at school?
– what are we trained for v. what is the reality?
– pragmatic v. visionary architect
– you should know everything about history
– drawing is reduction of architecture
– A. Schnell – teaching history in the form of a studio
– should you be as a student free or is it better that you have a chance to confront yourself with a certain tendency, which you can agree/disagree with?
– political activism in form of architecture
– our generation of students is incredibely conform, we are fine with what we have
– what I want from education v. what is expected by society
– towards homogenization
– the medium is the massage
– teaching outside
– Google offices – way to make you be at work all the time
– real estate market in Sillicon Valley – many sigle households
– educating public – schools almost obliged to do it
– atmosphere of the school
– easily digestable TED talks
– online courses
– face-to-face contact v. distant virtual contact
– road tour as a form of engaging with society and creating team atmosphere
– bringing education to people, not vice versa
– only women collaborators

Discussion_Thursday 03/03/2016

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