Krucker&Bates studio, TU München

Studio Prof. Bruno Krucker, Prof. Stephen Bates
Technische Universität München
Department of Architecture, Chair for Urbanism and Housing

Krucker&Bates TUM Studio website:

Interview with Stephen Bates by Jan Schevers and Esther Schevers:
Stephen Bates on Education, Research and Practice in Architecture

This interview is part of the series by the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.
Stephen Bates talks about his experiance with teaching, about what does he give to students and what does he get from them. He touches the topic of the form of the studio and confronts his approach based on discussion with the established model of teaching in Germany where, as he says, the big professor still says what is right and what is wrong.

In their München studio they follow 3 main themes:

1_3D-only observation of space
This means that students are not asked to produce any 2D material during the semester. The only communication with the teacher is based on physical models. In the end the final result could be drawn in 2D to see what the student really designed.
Like this also the cliché of starting with the scale of the site and linear zooming in until the detail of the facade is broken. Here the students are asked to start e.g. with a scale 1:20.

Certain typologies are explored such as an english terraced house.

Here they go to the detail. For example the construction of the facade is explored; asked are questions like what is the wall. Then big scale bits of the building are designed.

Other bullet points:
– students are extremely conventional today, why?
– importance of exploration over a precise delivery: students with teachers explore particular themes within architecture; they do not force students to provide a complete project in the end of the semester, rather they have for example 7 subtopics that are presented in the course of semester
– huge influence of modern movement on students; as he says he spent 15 years unlearning what he was taught as truth
– functionalist/modernistic approach is not a given – being subjective is allowed, (…) “form and function is rubbish” (…) (Bates, 2011)
– importance of a ‘research’; what is research?
– importance of a ‘teacher-practitioner’

Schevers, J., Schevers, E. [Jan Schevers]. (2011, December, 13). Stephen Bates on Education, Research and Practice in Architecture. [Video file]. Retrieved from:

Practice of Stephen Bates:

Practice of Bruno Krucker:

Krucker&Bates studio, TU München

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